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Pedicle or pedicel may refer to:

Human anatomy[edit]

  • Pedicle of vertebral arch, the segment between the transverse process and the vertebral body, and is often used as a radiographic marker and entry point in vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty procedures
  • Pedicle of a skin flap (medicine)
  • Hilum of kidney, also called the renal pedicle
  • Pedicel, a foot process of a renal podocyte

Animal anatomy[edit]

  • Pedicle in brachiopods, a fleshy line used to attach and anchor brachiopods and some bivalve mollusks to a substrate
  • Pedicle (cervidae), the attachment point for antlers in cervids
  • Pedicel (antenna), the second segment of the antenna in the class Insecta, where the Johnston's organ is found
  • Pedicel or petiole (insect), the stem formed by a restricted abdominal segment which connects the thorax with the gaster (the remaining abdominal segments) in the suborder Apocrita
  • Pedicel (spider), the narrow segment connecting the cephalothorax with the abdomen