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This is a guess[edit]

The TeX book by knuth?

Blue revealed that "blue book" is an almanac or similar reference work

  • and further on that line, The Harvard Bluebook dictates a style of legal citation.

May I hazard the Harvard Bluebook? -- fiveless 14:07, Nov 27, 2004 (UTC)

And why would a book on legal citation be found in the physics department? No, I think it is something else. My answer is: Scott Dodelson, Modern Cosmology, ISBN 0122191412. However, even if that book once lay just next to a kitchen sink that presumably is in the physics department at Harvard University, I do think it's a bit far-fetched to imply that it habitually lies there... especially since the book seems to have been checked out from a library (note the white sticker on the book's spine).
(Found on Image:GerardThooft.JPG, found through this list. I knew that this user is at Harvard and has written articles about some of his colleagues...) Lupo 15:34, 1 Dec 2004 (UTC)

"Modern Cosmology" was the answer I was looking for. I imagined it could have been fund by an image search on "Harvard university", but I couldn't check because the wikipedia search always was unavailable when I tried it. Eugene van der Pijll 01:59, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC)