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Still a definite newbie to the Wikipedia, QuantumEleven is trying very hard to fit in an not to tread on anyone's toes. He discovered the joys of Wikipedia during his first real job... and everything has been doing downhill since...

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This Barnstar of Diligence is awarded to QuantumEleven for your tireless answering of questions at the Newcomers help page. -- Natalya 17:44, 13 April 2006 (UTC)
I, Ikiroid, award Quantum Eleven a smiley for helping me at the Reference Desk.
The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
As one of the top four contributors to Wikipedia:New contributors' help page, you deserve this barnstar. Thank you! Jreferee (Talk) 05:18, 23 August 2007 (UTC)

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This user is a paladin.
This user detests tobacco smoke.
This user is a Citizen of the World (Terra, ).
This user enjoys skygazing and astronomy.
This user contributes using Firefox.
This user is a Board Game Geek.
This user prefers the metric system.
CIVThis user loves to play Civilization.
This user settled Catan.

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No copies of primary sources

While using a public domain work as the basis for a Wikipedia article may be a good idea (see public domain resources for a selection), please do not include large source documents within articles. We try to collect free (public domain or copyleft) source documents in a single place, Wikisource, where they can be annotated and translated. This reduces duplication across wikis, and frees articles from the context of the source documents. Keep in mind that Wikipedia articles are subject to merciless editing, so if a document is the subject of an article, yet is included in it, it might not be the same document for long! Even long quotation sections should be moved‍—‌to Wikiquote.

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use {{totd}}


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